July 19, 2011

Our weekend

We had a great weekend and made lots of progress with getting baby ready! :) Friday night we went out to eat at Guiterrez. Lyla was a mess from all the salsa! The girl loves to eat salsa and loves to eat it by herself which normally doesn't leave a thing clean!

Saturday, Lyla was up bright and early and so we started cleaning around the house. Once Sean got up, we started organizing the living room to make room for the baby swing. The swing was washed and now sits in the corner waiting for little brother. It's been a pain trying to keep Lyla away from it, but at least we have a little time to work on it! That afternoon, I went to a friends baby shower who is due about 5 days after me. Don't freak when you see the picture. I'm huge. I know. Oh, and this is her first kidlet and she's tall. So those are my excuses for being so round! :)

While I was at the shower, Sean took Miss Ly to the city pool for a bit! After that we just kinda hung out! I started my sewing projects and I loving how everything is turning out!

Sunday, we headed to church where we heard a great message by a great speaker! Definitely kept our attention. Then we headed to Arby's for lunch. After a nap, we headed to Russell where Sean's parents met up with us at the pool! We spent 3 fabulous hours there! The pool is my haven right now! Lyla loved going down the big slides and I bet Sean took her a good 10-15 times all together! I think she was saying more before they were sliding into the water!

And this is how the weekend ended. I was upstairs sewing and came down to this! :) Love them!

And that was our weekend. Simple but great. Reminds me just how blessed I am! :)
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