July 7, 2011

4 years later... Part 1

6 years ago, I met the man I would marry. But little did I know that at the time. I was a naive collage student who met a divorced (didn't know it at the time), country boy at a house party! I kinda lied to him that night and told him I liked to fish. He believed me and he proposed right then and there. He swooned me for 8 months until he broke my heart...or I broke his, depends who you ask! :)

Almost a year later to the date, we met up at the Stadium club to watch a KU game and to watch the Steelers win the Super Bowl. And that began our true love story. 8 months later he gave me my Christmas present, Miss Reese. She was a fake gift and little did I know, 2 months later I'd be getting my real gift! My engagement ring!

A little over 6 months later, we were husband and wife. I made it easy on him. 07.07.07. Can't get much easier than that!

We honeymooned to Florida, bought a vehicle, traveled to numerous KU games, bought a boat, laked it up a time or two and vacationed in South Carolina before we welcomed our sweet girl! Just a little over a month after our 2 year anniversary!

We have been blessed in many, many ways since then! And I can't see what other ways we'll be blessed in the years to come! Happy 4 year anniversary, bub!
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