July 28, 2011

Still pregnant

Not to much going on around here. I'm still very much pregnant and very much getting worn out! But other than that, I can't complain. I stay far far far away from the heat! Unless I'm in the pool! :) I still feel relatively good, I just tire pretty quickly! I also lost my mucous plug Tuesday, so I know it shouldn't be anymore than 2 weeks! :) Hopefully less!

I finished up my last photography session today. But I had another person ask about pictures, so I might give in. I'm not good at saying no! :)

I've been in a huge sewing mode and have made quite a few things! :) Lyla's gotten a few new skirts with matching bows, of course. Baby Jay now has about 10 burp rags, a few pacifier clips, a few custom onesies and his blanket. I'll do a post on it all soon of what I've made him! Super cute stuff, of course!

I managed to get some of Lyla's 2 year pictures done today! And she even semi cooperated so that was nice. I have one more outfit to do pictures in and then I'm done for 6 months! :) But a cute little boy will be making his presence and will soon have the camera in his face every month! :)

Looking forward to the weekend. We have 2 benefits to attend and then Baby Jay can come!!!! And hopefully he listens!
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