July 14, 2011

Good times

I was worn out after the Tuesday I had! My mom and dad came up to get something fixed on their car and so mom and I had a girl day. Miss Lyla got some special one on one attention from her pops as well!

Mom and I went and looked at a vehicle which I ended up test driving (and liking) before we headed off to a quick lunch at Freddy's before our pedicure. An hour and a half of pedicure bliss was heaven to me feet. Sean HATES feet and will never rub mine. And if I'm lucky enough for him to do it, he whines the whole time! So this pregnant momma enjoyed it! After our pedicure, I had my 36 week appointment! (Baby is doing great... Momma is a hurting unit!) Then we test drove the same vehicle again and ran a few errands. A little shopping at the mall, drinks from Sonic and stopped off to show Sean the vehicle. Dad brought Lyla back into town so Mom and him could go pick up their car and Sean and I spent some time at the dealership before a quick dinner at Arbys.

While it doesn't feel like we did a ton, I was exhausted! I also had a Senior photo session for 2 hours after all that, so I was really worn out when I got home!

But overall, great day with my momma! :) Thanks for hanging out mom and thanks dad for spending time with Miss Ly! :)
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