July 17, 2011

Lyla {23 months}

I can't believe you are 23 months already sweet girl! :) 1 more month until you are officially 2!

You weigh around 24 lbs and I can tell that you are taller as you are able to get into more places and into things you shouldn't. (Like getting knives and sisscors off the counter!!)

You wear anything from 12 month to 24 month clothing. 24 months is still pretty big and 12 month shorts fit you perfect!

Still size 3 diapers or your cloth diapers. Lately I've been pretty lax with cloth diapering you.

Your sleep is a little wonky lately. You go down anywhere from 8:30 to 10 and most of the time you are up between 7 and 8. I normally have to tell you to go back to sleep once or twice. You also nap for about an hour or hour and a half.

You are offically over your "I hate daddy" stage and love to play with him! You'd still pick your momma over anyone though! Except Reese, probably! :)

You are quite the water bug and are getting so much better with going under the water. You love the water slides and love to crawl around on your hands and kick your feet and pretend to be a "ish" (fish).

You are talking more and more everyday. We are hearing more 3 word phrases and a few 4 word phrases. Mostly you still say 1 or 2 words though. You can say a lot of words and then there are some words that seem easy to me that you refuse to say. You talk the most about Reesie and most of your word phrases deal with her.

You know all the animal sounds for dogs, cats, monkeys, goats/sheep, cow, lion, tiger, mice (you sniff your nose for this one), ducks, birds, chickens.

You are obsessed with thinking all tractors, cars, trucks, etc are choo-choo's and you still refuse to learn any number besides 2 or the color blue. You also think every truck you see is daddy's truck.

You are finally over the "no" phase where you will finally answer yes to things. When something excites you, like going to the pool, you say "Yeah" over and over again. This just started recently and it is so cute! You get excited about all these little things!

You love to put clothes on and are sorta getting the hang of it. You love to pick our your shoes and bows for outfits too.

You love watching "me" (Mickey Mouse) and doing the hotdog dance along with saying tootles.

You are so good at your manners. You say thank you all the time and are getting better with saying please. It's so cute whenever I ask you to put something away and you tell me thank you!

A few things you love to do include being outside, cleaning, playing with Reesie, jumping on the bed, learning to do somersaults. playing silly with daddy, eating, "singing", sucking your thrumb, talking on the phone or pretend talking on the phone and being with your momma! :)

Random tidbit about you: You've started putting your thumb in your mouth to wet it and then you take it out to wipe something off. I have no idea where you learned it but it's cute. Just a bit ago you were crying and i told you to wipe away he tears and you did it.

You really are such a sweet girl, Miss Lyla. You are an absolute joy to your daddy and I! You are easy to take care of and for the most part, an overall happy little girl! Your little personality is starting to shine and I can't wait to see what you will be like! We love you!
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