July 24, 2011

Lake trip

Saturday we had a fun little trip to the lake. We were going to camp but this mama is becoming a bit worn out being 9 1/2 months pregnant and wasn't really feeling all the work that is involved. We dropped Miss Lyla off with her grandma and headed out!

Ty and Kayla headed up from Salina and Sonya and Ryan drove all the way from Wichita for our little lake day! :) We started off by cooling off with some floating in the water.

Sean did a little knee boarding and everyone else tubed. Yes, even me. An no babies were popped out in the process. Dont worry. I'm still very much pregnant.

Miss Kay... Oh I love her! The sun hates her so she pretty much had sunscreen glued to her hand and her floppy hat on at all times! So cute! :)
A little more floating before we hit the beach and the boys got to act like they were 12 again with a little football.

The boys! Somehow I don't have a girls picture!

Our last trip to the lake before we are a family of 4! Kinda sad... I'm gonna miss it!

And now the videos. I left the one of me off. Considering I couldn't really go fast, the video is no fun. But I'm just happy I got out there... I've missed it. And Kayla & Sonya, Sean obviously doesn't know how to work our camera as I couldn't find yours anywhere!



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