July 25, 2011


Sean thinks I'm nesting. I don't. I just want things done. Now. Especially after finding out I am already 2-3 centimeters dilated I feel rushed to get things done. I really expected to go late, and I still surely can, but I'm thinking he'll probably be on time or my guess would be next week. Who knows, definitely a waiting game.

Anyways, we just installed the car seats Sunday, but that night all I dreamed about was where the car seats are placed. And then I woke up at 5:30 am thinking about it. And almost went out and changed it, but I didn't. I have the Graco myride in my car and I LOVE it, but it's really bulky with the 2 cup holders. And I want to have Lyla in the middle and Baby Jay on the side, leaving the other side seat open. This way if we need to use the 3rd row we can easily get to it and if someone else rides with us, there will still be a place for them to sit. Anyways, after installing it that way, Lyla's car seat makes it pretty impossible to get the side seat folded up to get into the 3rd row. It's doable, but def. takes effort. Well it's bugging me, so last night we were supposed to install the Britax car seat that we have in his vehicle but we never got around to it. So it will be done today! And then my brain can stop thinking about this! Silly stuff.

Yesterday I also decided that the carpets needed cleaned asap. So Sean picked up a cleaner and we switched on and off with cleaning the carpets. And they look oh.so.much better. We also sold my old computer desk in my craft room, so I'll be organizing that today to have better use of the space. My photography props are taking over. I also feel like we have clutter EVERYWHERE and so I want to get that under control. It really isn't that bad, but my pregnancy hormones are making me feel like it is. I also need/want to finish up a KU skirt for Lyla to wear with one of her shirts I had embroidered. And then there are 3 burp rags I want to finish up as well. And then, maybe, I'll feel like things are ready to go. Hopefully he won't come until next week because I have a few shoots left this week and then we have Sean's cousin's benefit on Friday and Max's benefit on Saturday. Then he is free to come!

I was also reading back on my blog and at about this same time 2 years ago, I felt the need to clean the carpets. But that time, my momma did it for me. And I also read about a million times that I was miserable and luckily this time, I'm not. This pregnancy is actually pretty smooth sailing and I've enjoyed it much more then when I was pregnant with Lyla! Only 13 more days!

Well I"m off to clean some more! :)
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