July 13, 2011


I want to start off saying that there are some awesome people in this world and 2 of those people are my brother, Kevin, & his wife, Kelci. They were extremely blessed to have all the prayers and support during Max's accident and they are lucky to have some great friends supporting them now. With medical bills rolling in, friends of Kevin and Kelci are setting up 2 different benefits to help with the toll that the medical bills are going to take. There will be a softball tournament the weekend of July 30th and 31st and also a guided waterfowl hunt auction. Last I knew, they were still accepting teams for the tournament!

And if your heart feels compelled to just donate and not participate in either benefit, that would be awesome too and very much welcomed! You can email me at anrodger@gmail.com and I can get you an address to send the money!

You can go here for more information on the softball tournament. {Just click here}

You can go here for more information on the benefit hunt. {Just click on here}

And also, you might remember me asking for prayers for my husband's cousin, Jen. She was in a serious car accident and is paralyzed from the waist down (I believe.) Well, her incredible friends and family are hosting a benefit dinner in her honor! She too, has medical bills rolling in and will be faced with the struggle of those along with properly recovering. A facebook page has been set up for her as well and you can visit that below.

You can go here for more information. {Just click on here}

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! You really have no idea how much it all is/will be appreciated!!!
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