March 30, 2011

Being a grownup

Sometimes being a grownup really isn't fun. Bills, life decisions, jobs, etc = not fun. Today I had to be a grownup in a different way. I had to be practical instead of dreaming.

We were supposed to go to KC for my birthday. Yup, 27 years old on Sunday. But Miss Lyla is getting over a cough (and doing oh-so much better) and we have a lot of trips coming up so it wasn't practical to drive almost 5 hours away (hello, high gas prices), paying for hotels and then oh my the shopping I would be doing, plus activities, eating out, etc. Hays, KS has nothing so whenever I get to a bigger city I am in hog heaven and may go a bit crazy. Or a lotta crazy. Depends who you ask.

I'll also be making a trip to Wichita, hopefully here in the near future to meet my niece or nephew and then next weekend we are in Salina/Abilene for the weekend while Sean runs his 10K and then we get to hang out with some of my favorite people! Oh, and there will be shopping to be had. Get ready Kayla :)!

So, KC wasn't meant to be. (But I hope it is sometime...I need a getaway place where there are actually things to do!) I planned and researched and found a few new things to do and things for Lyla to experience. We were going to go to a children's farm and a water park. I'm itching to go swimming (hurry lake time). So I'm sad :(. I was really, really looking to some quality family time doing something we don't always get to do. I love my sweet family!

Pity party, anyone?

So, this is big for me people. I could have made this work, but I was responsible (gasp) and thought about everyone else in the picture and not just what I wanted. Even though I'm the birthday girl. However, Sean now tells me that I no longer get birthday weeks or weekends and that I'm not longer a birthday princess....gah. He obviously doesn't know much, does he?!? :)
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