March 28, 2011

Sweet deal

I love amazon. Super fast shipping most of the time and they will have great sales if you can find them. If you have kiddos in diapers, you will love this.

Go to and sign up for amazon mom. You'll get free 2-day shipping on all baby related stuff. I was in need of some disposables for when Ly is at her sitters and I got a box of Luv's for $25 bucks. This was for a 204 count. That made it like .12 cents a diaper. These will last me about 3-4 months so that's pretty cheap when you break it down.

What you need to do is pick whichever brand of diapers and then click on the subscribe and save which saves you an additional 30%. So originally my diapers were around 35 bucks and by doing the subscribe and save I saved 10 bucks with the free shipping. Now, I set my S&S up for every 6 months, but I'll be canceling it after I get the diapers delivered to me. Then you just start all over again. They'll also take some coupons so you can even get a better deal!

Moral of the story: If you use disposables, you'll want to do this.

You're welcome!
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