March 8, 2011

Baby Max

"Baby Max" will soon be here in a few weeks. I'm excited to know if I'm getting another niece or if I'll get a nephew to spoil.
To celebrate "Baby Max" I co-hosted a shower for my SIL along with a friend of hers.
Since Max's sex is unknown, we did black, white and lime green for the colors.
The hostess's with the momma-to-be.
Gifts! She was very much blessed and got a lot of the big ticket items and other great gifts. My mom and I got them their carseat and stroller. She also got the highchair, an umbrella stroller, swings, diaper bags, books, etc!

Belly picture - Kelci at 35 weeks and me at 18 weeks.

Lyla and I
Ly and her Aunt Kelci

Lyla ADORES her Uncle Kevin.
A few decorations... flowers with lime green and white feathers

The cupcakes...I wanted cute little toppers and came up with these. I will for sure be doing these again in the future.
Congrats to Kev and Kelci! Can't wait to meet "Max"!
Dear Max, Pleae do not come on April 3rd. I'm a birthday brat and do not want to share... Thanks! :) But the 2nd or 4th is just fine!!
Love, Aunt Andrea

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