March 20, 2011

It's A......


We find out tomorrow and I am soooo excited! I can't wait to see some pictures of my baby again.

Oh, and I really stinkn' want to know what we are having! I keep going back and forth between boy and girl. I've thought girl most of the time, but the last few days I've been all boy. I've actually gotten quite excited for a boy these past few days too. I was looking at some boy clothes and got excited for a cute preppy little boy! So excited, I even bought some boy things on a whim! Good thing I can always return it if I need too! :) Or maybe I'll be getting a nephew who will need some clothes too!


This weekend has gone by so fast! But it has been a great weekend! Saturday, Sean's uncle got married and we got to spend time with his family! It was great to see everyone and hang out! We hung out at the reception until 11 or so and Miss Lyla took a snooze under the table. I love that she is so versatile! A early morning with a photo session for me, church for Sean and Lyla followed by lunch today. Then.... we got to get our outdoors ready for spring! Oh, I love this time of year! 85 today! Loved it! We got all our patio furniture out and cleaned those up, burned off the grass in the backyard, hung laundry outside and arranged some of Lyla's outdoor toys. I even helped Sean pick up the dog poop which is something I have NEVER done since we've been married! :) I'm convinced it wasn't the worst job in the world and maybe I'll help him again. Maybe.

We bbq'd some chicken for dinner and was even able to eat outside tonight! Omigoodness, I love this time of year. Here's to praying that we don't get 1 last snow!

And here is to also praying we get to see pretty pictures of our healthy baby...boy or girl?!?! Please don't be stubborn baby! Your mom won't be able to stand it!

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