March 26, 2011


Since we live in an old, tiny house with only 2 bedrooms, we have to do some thinking on how to save space, while being cute of course. And well, I'm in mad love with turquoise. I could paint everything turquoise...and if I purchase paint for this project I'm sure something else will also get a coat of it!

I decided instead of using the changing table we have, I'd rather have a dresser that had drawers and more room. Baby Jay and Lyla will have to share a closet and well my princess has a lot of clothes, and I'm pretty sure my little prince is on his way to being the same. So a dresser would add a lot more room for their clothes. So some googling today and I found this...

If you want the how-to and more pictures of the redo, go here.

I {heart} it. It'll be perfect! Now I just have to find something just like it. And the girl that redid hers got it for 1o bucks so I'm hoping for the same good deal! And I like that later on I can use it elsewhere in the house once Ly gets big girl bedroom furniture. I'm seriously in love and already imaging the changing pad on top, a hamper in the open space and drawers filled with boy clothes and cloth diapers! Now to only make this happen!

I've already checked out the goodwill and salvation army in GB but no such luck. I'm thinking a garage sale will be my best bet. Anyone have something that looks JUST like this??? :)
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