March 2, 2011

Happy Day

Yesterday was a beautiful day! I am so ready for spring!!!!

Lyla and I had a great day, too! I love being home with my sweet girl! One thing she has been doing lately is just randomly coming up to me on the couch, wrapping her arms around my neck and giving me hugs and kisses. I love, love, love this time with her! Oh, goodness I love her.

Lunchtime was quite the mess today. Hamburger, mac and cheese, other noodles, & yogurt. She isn't a pro yet with eating with her fork or spoon, but she did a good job today, even considering she got it everywhere!

Please ignore the highchair. I have yet to get a replacement cushion. I really need to add that to my list. That thing also needs to go through the car wash a time or two!

After nap time, we headed outside. I always feel bored when we play in our back yard, so I decided I should put together her little cozy coupe car. Oh my this was hard. And honestly, it's 3/4th's done, but at least Lyla can still play in it. She hasn't figured out how to walk with it since she's still a bit short, but she's still had fun. She absolutely LOVES being outside.

I feel so, so blessed!!!
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