March 27, 2011

I had such a great weekend at home, but I'll admit I'm EXHAUSTED. Lyla never sleeps good there and we spent majority of early Sunday morning awake. If you were in the room with us, this is what you would have heard....

Hi Mommy!
GO NIGHT NIGHT NOW Lyla. Then 10 minutes later...



Cue this OVER and OVER again for 4 1/2 hours. Oi vey. Then of course we were up at 8 and so I'm tired today. And yes, I know. She's preparing me for a newborn all over again!

But, on the positive side, I got to see lots of family! We even got to see Aunt Kelci and Lyla enjoyed some loving from her. Sadly, we had to say goodbye to some family that is moving back to Georgia... but I'm hoping to plan a trip there to see them!

Mom and I did a little shopping and got a few cute items for Baby Jay! And whenever I got home, 2 boxes full of clothes were awaiting me! I'm so excited to have some clothes for him!! He will be quite the stud! I also got a toy box/storage compartment/coffee table that I'm going to refinish from goodwill. Can you guess what color? :)

Oh, and Kelci and I took a belly comparison picture...we are exactly 17 weeks apart! We are anxiously awaiting to see if "Baby Max" will be a boy or girl!! :)
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