April 2, 2011

Mr. Max

I have a nephew!!!
And I'm really stinkn' excited!

Introducing Maxton Foster Burkey!
(They tricked us! He really has been Max all along!)

I got the call from my brother at 7 am Thursday (the 31st) saying that Kelci was admitted and that it was baby day! I was going to try and go back to sleep but wasn't able to so up and at em' for me. I was ready and packed and on my way out of town by 8:37. We rolled into Wichita at 11:30, got lunch and then lunch for Kevin and headed up to the hospital.
Kelci was taking a nap so Kevin, I and Ly played in the waiting room for a bit.

After a bit, we headed into see the Mama-to-be. An epidural later and she was doing great! My parents arrived a little later and we waited...

I figured shopping would be a great way to pass the time so I headed to the mall for a bit until I got the call she was ready. By the time I was back to the hospital I probably only had to wait 15 or 20 minutes before Kevin came out and said...

It's a boy!!!

What?!?! I actually have a boy cousin now?

They had some bonding time and so Mom, Dad and I headed to Olive Garden for supper! The baby had been craving that for a long time! :)
When we got back, we got to meet baby Max!
Granna, Kevin and Max

Love baby feet!

Pops and Max

Lyla LOVED him! She kept fist bumping him and pointing out his eyes, ears, and belly. She wanted to be wherever the baby was!

I finally got to hold my nephew! I'm his favorite aunt! :) (And only, so I'm allowed to say that!)

Family Picture! Love this one!

Going to the postpartum room.

The next day, we were up to visit them again and then went and did some shopping with my brother for the going home outfit!
Lyla loves her uncle to pieces and loves baby Max. She said his name once, but mostly just calls him baby...or puppy. Ha!

Daddy diaper changing!

LOVE this picture of him and Max!

Then we had to say goodbye. Tear. We miss them all already!

But they are home and doing great! :)
Like I said, so excited to have a sweet nephew now! Whenever my brother and I went shopping we had the hardest time finding boy clothes. Kelci and I both have similar tastes and aren't big on puppies, or trucks, etc on boy clothes so it took some work to find some cute things! Now I can't wait to shop for him more!

Congrats Kevin and Kelci! We love you!
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