March 19, 2011

Spa Day...


Sean had gotten me a spa package at Rock Haven for Christmas 09. Yup, o9 and I just used it! Sean's mom came and watched Ly for the day while I had my own girl day.

Starting the day... very excited!

I really needed my nails filled so that was first on the list. (Ignore very dirty ring, when my fingers get fat this summer, it's going in for a silver dip and cleaning, stat!)

Followed by arriving at heaven. It was so pretty and they had this quaint little farm and old buildings.

The inside, when I first walked in.

Rockn' the robe.
Sean got me the anti-stress package and I must say the massage was the best part. I actually got quite bored during the whirlpool. I'm not a big bath person and don't have the patience to just lay there. All I thought about was things I needed to do. Then I headed for the massage and it was by far the greatest. I had been looking forward to it and it was well, great! I was able to relax and enjoyed it all. Next was the facial and honestly, I hated it. I got claustrophobic or something whenever they put the hot towels around my face and it freaked me out. I couldn't relax for that at all and really didn't enjoy it. But the massage made up for everything!!
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