March 6, 2011


I'm very excited for tomorrow. Not only am I 18 weeks, but I have a doctor's appointment which means we will scheduled our sono!!! I'm so excited to see my baby again! Hopefully, still healthy, active and adorable. Ok, and I'm REALLY excited to know girl or boy. Today is another day of thinking it's a boy...but for a few hours, I thought girl! :) I just *need* to know!! Watch this baby be a little stink and keep it's legs crossed tight! Praying that doesn't happen!

As for the weekend, I co-hosted a shower for my SIL and got some family time. Next time I'll see them, they will have a baby of their own and I'll have another niece or nephew (I vote nephew). Today was spent photographing the best little baby I have had to date and then watching Sean play basketball. Seany boy had his bromance up and they shared a sweet nerdfest of a weekend. 2 guys + dvr'd history shows + Call of Duty= nerdfest. (They even drove around Victoria to look at the historical sites...told you they were nerds).

I'm off to bed. I have a busy, EARLY morning tomorrow. Happy Weekend!
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