March 3, 2011


It was another beautiful day today!!! Also, a semi-busy day! Lyla had her 18 month appointment this morning! The child finally weighs 22 lbs!! :) She's also 31 inches and still has a big noggin at 39 inches I think! Doc says she's right on track and doing well!! After that we hurried to our Mom's Club meeting as we were already about an 1/2 hour late. Afterwards we ran a few errands and then headed home. Funny story: I normally don't let her eat in the car but I knew she's probably fall asleep on the way home, so I was hoping by eating, she'd stay awake. Well, mid-bite she fell asleep. Literally 1 minute after I had looked at her eating a nugget, she was a sleep!! And then proceeded to sleep for 2 more hours...that's my girl! :) During nap time, I cleaned and caught up on laundry and then we headed outside! Lyla loves, loves being outside!

Remember the car I tried putting it is! Looks quite ghetto, but at least she can roll around in it until Sean finishes putting it together! She loves it and pretty much played with it the whole time.

We also threw some golf balls (her fav), played with the puppies, and decorated our sidewalk with some chalk!
And another fabulous day! I'm sooo glad it is beginning to be nicer out! This weekend Lyla and I are headed to GB for Kelci's shower while Sean has a man weekend geeking it out to the history channel.

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