March 28, 2011

Nose wiper

Someone has gotten their first true sickness of the year! She's been pretty miserable at times, but her sweet personality still shines through. I feel so bad for her! She has a pretty bad cough mixed with a cold so I'm officially a snuggler and nose wiper today. We did an albuterol treatment on her yesterday and lordy, you would have thought I was killing her. Really. Ask the bromance as he thought I was hurting her. She just freaked out! But this evening when we did it she just barely cried. More of a whine. Sean got her attention with one of her toys and she did pretty good. That was until I moved the strap around her head and she freaked again! Hopefully she's getting used to them because we'll be doing them a few more times tomorrow!

(Love these PJ's but she is totally looking like a boy in these pictures! :) )
We have a busy weekend coming up so I'm hoping she gets better and the rest of us don't get a thing. I'm going to be neti-poting it tonight!
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