April 16, 2009


I love it when Sean cooks...which he happens to be doing now! Cheeseburgers, tator tots and some veggies!! YUM. After the HUGE lunch I had, I really shouldn't be eating this, but oh well! My friend Tara and I went to Taco Shop for lunch. I got a sanchez, taco, and cheese enchilada. I then went BACK and order another sanchez and taco. Yes, I'm a pig. And yes, my baby might look like a Mexican whenever she is born. Or she might look like Quizno's. Who knows.

Seany boy and I went on a walk tonight with Miss Reese and so I'm exhausted! And worked was busy as usual! But I get off early tomorrow and then get my hair cut! And on Saturday I have a pedicure scheduled AND a massage. I deserve it and NEED/WANT it! I can't wait! Oh, then it's dinner with some friends!!

And a quick favor to ask. If you would, say a prayer for my friend Becca and her family. Her mom just found out she has Leukemia and they could use some prayers!!

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  1. I had a massage Wednesday night. I get one every month. Where do you go?


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