April 19, 2009

Good Morning!

I thought I'd post before heading to church! I'm in the nursery today and shhh... don't tell, but it's probably my favorite part of church! I love all the little kiddos. Except today my adorable niece won't be there. But there are plenty of other cute little babes to hang with!

Dinner last night with our friends went awesome! The only negative is she is way more ready for her baby than I am... and we are due the SAME day. She has the nursery completely done. I have all my stuff sitting up in my craft room just "hanging out". She gave me some motivation to get more done, but I have to wait on Sean for most of that! Anyways, she and I were roommates about 3 years ago. We are both doing cloth diapers (yay for that!) and spent about 2 hours last night researching the Internet for information while the guys were in the garage smoking a cigar. Gross. I could hardly stand the smell! And I prohibited him from getting into bed with a shower! All in all, we had a great time! I wish I would have brought my camera to compare bellies (she soo cute) but of course, I forgot! Thanks Clay and Alicia for dinner! We had a great time!

Well we have lots happening around the Rodger house today. I hope.

Sean is headed this morning to his parents to pick up selves for the basement. Then hopefully we'll put the pantry up and start organizing the shelves. I can't believe I'm that excited to organize shelves. I'm always hoping to make my bow board today as well!! :) Then I'm going to cut up some fabric for bibs and burp rags.

I'm so cool!

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  1. We got the garage textured this weekend. I don't think we're going to paint it anymore, it looks pretty good just with the texture on it. Did you get all your stuff done you wanted this weekend? I have a recipe for you. I bet it would freeze ok, I think Pasta usually does. It's called Mexican Manicotti. It's really good. I might make it on Wednesday night so if I do I'll take a picture and post the recipe for you. If you like pasta and mexican (which I know you like that) you should love it!


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