April 13, 2009

23 weeks

1 more week until V-day. Nope, not valentine's day, but instead viability day. If she were to come way to early (which I sure hope she doesn't) she'd have a chance to make it at 24 weeks. This was my next milestone I've been waiting for after the 13 week one. She's been a moving and grooving in my tummy lately and loves naps around 12-3. My kinda girl! :) She's super active around 10 in the morning then around 5 and for sure at like 8. This evening Sean got to feel her moving around a little bit and not just a kick here and there! I love it! :)

Nothing else to exciting around here. I have some mucho back pain today so I'm taking it easy tonight and watching The Hills! :) I was going to upload the pics from Easter but I'm not in the mood to go upstairs and do so! I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter, we sure did!!! Lots of great food, family time, and great memories. We are both so lucky to have such great families!!

Have a great night!!

Oh, shout out to my dad! Happy Birthday!!! We love you!
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