April 15, 2009

No news is good news right?

Well, I got no news! Nothing exciting is happening around our house. But I will fill you in on the excitement because I know you're dying to know!

Let's see. I went to bed early on Monday and missed The Hills. But don't worry, I DVR'd it, even though after watching, I wasn't impressed. I'm not a Heidi and Spencer fan.

Last night, I managed to work on some computer stuff while Sean finished painting the basement floor! It's finally done! Now we just have the shelving to put up, the bookcase/pantry thing, the W/D and to organize. I'm starting to feel like we've made some headway with the whole thing! I just can't wait for it to be finished because then we can start moving bedrooms and I can start Miss Baby Jay's room!! I'm starting to run out of room in my craft room for all her things!

Today I worked my booty off at work and I'm exhausted!!! So I'm taking it easy tonight! Real easy. I'm thinking I might cut out some fabric and pin them together to sew for whenever my computer is fixed. Man, I'm full of fun!

Sean went to basketball tonight. Anyone want to place a bet on what body part he hurts this time? Thank goodness for that accident policy I took out on him!

Oh and my back hurts, my legs are numb, and my sciatica is starting to hurt when I get up. Pregnancy rocks! :)

So yes folks, it's been really exciting around here. Real exciting!
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