April 20, 2009


It's a wonderful thing!

Well kids... we have shelves and a pantry set up. We even have boxes on the shelves and the pantry slightly stocked. Sean and I put together the shelves yesterday. I was nice enough to volunteer to help. Probably the dumbest thing I did all weekend! :) J/k, it was nice to be outside and work with Sean. It took probably 2 1/2 hours to get the shelves together, moved downstairs, and aligned. It looks soo good but I was WAY exhausted afterwards!

Progress my friends!

Tonight I managed to put what was in the basement on the shelves in a nice, organized state. Then I brought down majority of the boxes that were in the closets upstairs in our soon-to-be new room. Then I got them up on the shelves and labeled everything.

More progress.

Now I'm arranging a garage sale pile for this weekend. Come to Victoria if any of you are garage sale people. It's the Victoria City Wide. Be there!

And for more progress...

I've made it to V-day! 24 weeks down, ONLY 16 to go. Not going to lie to ya. It freaks me out. That's not a lot of time and I feel like I have a TON still to do that needs crammed into an already busy schedule! It's ok though, it'll get done eventually! Right?!?! Sure.

In exciting baby news, you can now see my belly move whenever she kicks! I'm becoming obsessed with watching my belly whenever she's moving around. I noticed it for the first time Saturday and then tonight Sean got to see it and feel her move a bunch of times. Also, Tara from work got to feel it today as well.

Well that's it kids. I have more to blog about, but I'm going to go back to work for a bit. More organizing!!! :)


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  1. Ha Ha Ha I got to feel her! LOL
    Remember when you thought it was gonna be FOREVER until you got to this far along? Told you it would be here before you know it!


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