April 23, 2009

Baby Update

Well, my appointment went really well today. I *love* going so that I can hear her and today we also got to hear her move. She's quite active and it took the nurse a little bit to get her to stay put so she could get her heartbeat. It was 136, again. It's funny, because that is what is has been the last couple times! She's measuring good and doing well! :) We are scheduled for may 21st for our next appt and also the other sono! I can't wait to see her again! I also have to do the dreaded glucose test. Um, can you say yuck. Since I don't drink anything but water, this orange sweet drink is going to be nasty!

At my office, I have the girls guess how much I've gained the the past month! Well today I asked JCP and Matt, which JCP said 10 lbs and Matt said 15. I think Matt was slightly kidding! Anyways, I gained... 5.5lbs! Not to shabby for all the food I've been eating. But even if I just gain 5 lbs a month here on out, I will have gained 31 lbs by the time I'm done. Yikes. That's a lot to me, even though its in the range that the doctors want. Maybe I shouldn't eat so many ice cream sandwiches or Mexican food, ya think?

Well I just woke up from a nap and should probably get to doing some things since I won't have time this weekend! Hope you had a great Thursday!

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  1. "people like it!" I'm confused...what happened to "comments"?? It's to bad you don't like soda, that glucose gunk isn't that awful if you already like soda...it gave AJ a NASTY headache.


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