April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day!

Hope you did something "earthy" today! I can't say I did something specific but i tried to keep lights off and I opened the windows/doors instead of A/C (it was stink'n hot today!). Nothing big. I wish I could have planted a tree or something, but that didn't and mostly likely wouldn't have happened!

Sorry it's another picture less post. Even though I have pictures to post that are on a camera about 2 inches away from me. For some reason I don't have the energy to plug it in, turn it on, and download some pics. Lazy I know, but I have a good reason...

I've been a nesting fool and I'm starting to run out of steam! Since Sunday, I've been a-going, and a-going around the house. The basement is organized and waiting for a deep freeze and washer and dryer to come visit. Permanently. I'm completely moved up stairs but Sean is waiting until last minute of course. I offered, but he wasn't to do it himself. So be it.

Our garage sale stuff is priced and we are taking it over to my BIL's and SIL's tomorrow.

My craft room is starting to look more organized since I moved the baby stuff into our new room now that I got that slightly organized. All that is left in our new room is to clean the carpets, move Sean's stuff up, put in the window A/C (remember our house is almost 100 years old!), get new bedding, a few decor items and then Sean's things. I'm hoping by next Thursday we'll be up there. And that means...

I can start organizing Baby Jay's room! I've been painting some shelves we are putting in there and also a 3 frame picture frame to hang on the wall. I'm sooo ready to start on her room. And once we get our stuff out of there, we can order our crib since we'll finally have a place to put it!

Oh, and I dropped a computer monitor on my foot in the process of organizing. I don't cuss a lot, but a few choice words (ok a lot) came out whenever that happened. I have a nice bruise on my foot. So yes, I'm running out of steam. But it's been SO worth it!!

Tomorrow is our OB appt! Anyone want to make a prediction about how much I've gained? I'm going to guess 6 lbs. But I'm hoping for more like 4 (hoping with my fingers AND toes crossed)!

Well I'm covered in paint, its storming, Reese is freaking out, and I need a shower! So have a great night!!

Oh, and I did some shopping for an outfit for me for a wedding this weekend and I *might* have bought the baby a thing or two. Having a girl is going to break me! :)

Ok, lights are flickering. I'm out for real. Peace.
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