April 17, 2009

Gotta love the weekends...

It's Friday at noon and I have til 3:30 until it's the weekend! I am very very ready for it. It's been a crazy week at work, super crazy! I think at least 1/2 of our office has overtime and so we are all ready to get outta here for a day or two!

Here's my GP (game plan) for the weekend:

1. Haircut today at 4!
2. Pedicure and massage tomorrow morning (can you say HEAVEN?)!
3. Dinner with friends tomorrow night.
4. Work the nursery at church on Sunday.
5. Make a bow board for the nursery.
6. Put up shelves in the basement and start organizing it. (hopefully, this depends on Sean)
7. Organize files on the computer.
8. Burn picture CD's.
9. Deliver 2 picture orders.
10. Cut out some fabric to sew.
11. Drop off my sewing machine for surgery.
12. Blog my Easter pictures.
13. Take a belly picture.

Oh, and I need some help.

My mom and I are going to freeze some meals before the baby comes so we have food to eat if we aren't in the mood or to busy to actually cook something. So if you have ideas let me know. (Aubrey, I'm expecting some from you b/c I know you like to cook!) I have some ideas but would like some more. I think we are going to try and make 2 weeks worth of food. So I need about 14 different things! If you have never commented before, this would be an awesome time to comment, hint hint!! Thank ya!!

Well I'm off, back to work.


  1. Oh yes, I have some ideas. Bierocks, breakfast burritos, lasagna, roast, soup, seasoned hamburger meat (so you could make tacos or spaghetti or anything easily), shredded or whole cooked chicken breasts, spaghetti, I'll keep thinking. Mom made a lot of these for Alisha and froze them.

  2. Oh yeah, here's a blog for you to stalk http://sewsistas.weebly.com/. I found it on a friend of a friend's blog. I know what you mean about OT. I would have had 2 1/2 - 3 hours this week if I didnt' leave at 4 today. So I only had 1 1/2. That makes 6 for the month! Yahoo!


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