April 28, 2009

Progress is my new favorite word!

Well today has been an emotional day. I'm way too hormonal and way too sensitive for occasions like that. It was a nice service, though. The toughest part for me was seeing other family members crying. That did me in instantly! The burial part of it was nice as well. It was the first time, that I remember, that had military there doing their thing. We didn't get back until about 3ish after the supper. There was *TONS* of delicious food. I could have gone back for seconds, thirds, fourths... you get my drift. I also got to meet some of Sean's family members that I haven't met before as well. So that was nice. And I got lot of belly touches as well. It really doesn't bother me having random people touching my belly for some reason. It did at the beginning, but now that I'm enjoying pregnancy, I'm ok with it.

After we got back home, guess what I did...

Yup, a nap! And it was heavenly. I had a huge headache from crying and trying not to cry, so some sleep did me good! Then when I got up Sean offered to help get things done around the house (can you say OMG!!).That doesn't happen often so I snatched him up in a heartbeat!

So in pictures, this is what we got accomplished!!!! (I'm SO excited,too!)

This is what our "new" room looked like prior to doing Sean's closets. (I still can't believe we finally moved his clothes up here.) Oh, and for the record. Sean has WAY more clothes than I do!

Our closets afterwards.

His: (Most of his stuff is in the built in dresser.)
Pictures that finally got hung.

The $4 DIY picture hanging.

The shelves up and painted. (The star will be staying, but the sign will be above the window.)

The bow board hung and you can also see the lamp shade that got spruced up with some beads.(The picture frame isn't staying. I thought I was going to put it there but I don't like it there. I need to find a new spot for it!)

Her flower hooks hung. (Sorry for the shadow).

And all her clothes so far in the closet.

So we got a lot accomplished in a short amount of time! Which is great! I'm so glad my wonderful prince charming of a husband finally moved his clothes upstairs. Now the nursery is somewhat of a mix of ours and hers.

A few things down, a hundred more things to do (or so it feels)!

Tomorrow night I'm hoping to get her closet cleaned up and organized a little better. Some of our stuff is still shoved in there. We also decided not to sell my oh-so-comfortable bed. We are going to store it at mom and dad Rodger's until we move. So sometime this week it is going to get wrapped up in plastic. Then I just need to clean the floors and move Reesie's box upstairs. Yay for progress!

Oh, and we have a stank under the back porch. We think something died, but we are having trouble getting under there. But it's a HORRID smell. If there is anyone that likes to crawl under dark spaces and play with gross dead animals, then proceed over to the Rodger casa stat!

Oh, and I want to get some vinyl writing for the wall. Any suggestions for a baby girl? Nothing to girly or her name. Thanks!


  1. How much you pay for dead animal removal?? How about.......Shhhhhh, a princess is sleeping here.

  2. Yum. Love dead animals. ICK!! And HOLY CLOSE!!!!


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