August 2, 2009

A beluga whale...

is now what I refer myself as. Spectacular, huh? See a resemblance?

So far, baby girl is being a stubborn "renter" and not listening to her eviction notice. Everyday we have a "talk" and I'm trying my best to get her out. She only has 8, yes 8, days before her lease is up. She is well-cooked and very ready to make an appearance in this world. Lots of people are waiting for her to arrive. And there is 1 certain, impatient, momma waiting for her body back. I'm not sure if this girl knows how many cute clothes await for her outside the uterus. And I'm talking super cute clothes. Oh, and matching bows. And socks. Shoes. You name it. I've got it. Except I don't have a purse for her yet. But don't worry, she will someday. A plethora of purses.

My appt is in the morning and I'm not expecting any progress. That way I can't be disappointed, right? Wrong. I'll be disappointed no matter what since she's not here yet. Still, I got my hopes up high last time and was quite disappointed. We are also going to have a "talk" with the Doc about inducing options if she isn't here by her due date. Once again, we've got places to go, people to see, weddings to attends, and cute clothes to wear. I think the Doc will see my point. And if he doesn't then I'm bribing with cookies, cakes, or money.

On another note, I'm off work tomorrow and Granna and Pops are headed up to our neck of the woods to hang out and help me clean. I've been having a small nesting urge. Actually just a very, very small urge. My mom is going to clean our carpets because they are disgusting and my dad is going to do a few handy man things around the house. Here's my list. Pray it all gets accomplished.

1. Carpets cleaned.
2. Baseboards cleaned.
3. Kitchen floor cleaned.
4. Bathroom cleaned. (Tub, toilet, sink, floor.)
5. Clutter put away or thrown away.
6. Craft room cleaned and organized.
7. Desk area cleaned up.
8. More baby clothes put away.
9. Hospital bag packed. (Yup, still haven't done that.)
10. Dust.
11. Back door fixed. Maybe painted.
12. Some thingy installed that goes over the carpet and kitchen tile so that I don't stub my toe anymore.
13. No playing on the Internet. (Good luck to myself on this one!)

I have about 5 hours or so to complete this. This I can accomplish? I sure hope so. If Sean can switch with a guy from work, we are hoping he'll get off early and then we are going to go to the lake for a little bit in the evening with his cousin, Sonya. Maybe we'll bounce this baby out if anything!

Well I'm off for the night. Hope ya'll had a great weekend!
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