August 13, 2009


I love planning. I love having a planner. My planner is my life. Everything goes into my planner. I have the days bills are due. Appts. Birthdays. Anniversaries. You name it, it's in that book. And today, I got to add another date down...


Yes friends. This baby is really coming. And even though for the longest time I didn't believe she was coming, I now feel much, much better knowing she'll be here no later than Monday or Tuesday. But hopefully Monday. At my appointment today I received nothing but good news. I didn't gain an ounce. I actually lost 2 ounces, but who is counting. Her heartbeat was 136 and the NST went great. Whenever we went into the room to set up for the NST, the nurse (love her) mentioned that she scheduled me for my induction on Monday. I about died. I did my little girl giggle and gave her a big hug. From then on, I couldn't stop smiling. And I'm pretty sure I haven't stopped yet. I'm SO ready for this!!! Even though it's only 4 days away, it seems like forever a way still. Tomorrow is my last day of work and it's also a half day for me. So I have errands to run after that and maybe a movie tomorrow night. Then Saturday evening we are heading to Sean's parents for a mexican dinner. Then Sunday we are going to clean up the house and hang out. Hopefully we'll get some sleep! But I really doubt it!

Here's a few pics. One of our camera's is retarded and won't upload pics using the USB cord so I had to take it to Walmart and get the pictures burned to a CD. So for your viewing pleasure.

She wanted a pic with the bump!

Love you guys!

During my NST today!
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