August 10, 2009

The low-down

My appointment went pretty good. Her heartbeat was 128 and I gained ZERO lbs. Not even an ounce. They had me do another non-stress test and everything was fine.

And for some good news....

I'm finally dilated to a 1. He also stripped my membranes (um, ouch). That probably wasn't the funnest thing I've done today. But hopefully it'll help. I go back on Thursday for another check and another non-stress test and we'll talk about an induction. I laid down the law with him to get me induced this week, but it didn't work. Actually, if you know me well, you know I didn't lay down the law at all. But I did ask... but was denied. But it won't be any later than next week. So I'm hoping on Thursday we can pick a day. That'll make me feel better. Other than that, not to much else. Oh, I do start my maternity leave next Monday. I'm not gonna lie. I'm super excited. It'll be a nice and much needed break from work. Sure I'll be "working" at home, but that is work I want to do!

I soooo can't wait to meet her!

Here's the scoop.
How far along?: 40 weeks
Total weight gain: 33
lbs - I didn't gain an ounce at this last appointment. I surely thought I'd gain a lot since I ate a million pounds of food at Herzog.
How big is baby?: around 7ish pounds.
Maternity clothes?: Of course.
Stretch marks?:Yuppers. Someday I will grow to love them... but not right now!
Sleep?:I get up to pee a lot more during the night and I'm still on the couch. Which Sean loves. He loves sleeping in the middle of the bed!
Best moment this week?: Finding out she'll be here no later than next week.
Movement?: She's a rolling, dancing fool in there.
Food cravings?: This past week it was dumplings and potatoes and gator tators from Herzog. Also, still on the lemonade kick.
Labor signs?: Still contractions daily but none that hurt.
Belly button in or out?: Out.
What I miss: Cuddling with the hubby. The bump kinda gets in the way.
What I'm looking forward to: sleep, margaritas, and of course, meeting her.
Milestone: Just making it another week without losing my sanity. I'm going with this answer again.

Oh, and here's a thought to ponder. Sean made mention of this the other day. It had me laughing pretty good, too. Why is it that whenever a baby is born the always gives the weight and height whenever they tell people the baby is here. Sean said it's not like I go up to people when I meet them and say, "Hi. I'm Sean. 5' 10" 170 lbs." It would be quite a scene if that was how my hubby introduced himself to someone new!!

ETA: FYI, Sean wanted me to edit his height as I denied him an inch. He is 5'10" not 5'9". Also, he wanted me to mention that he weighed 165 last night until this a.m.

There ya go honey. I hope you have our pride back.

Alright, we'll I'm off. Peace out cub scout!

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