August 24, 2009

1 week

This past week has flown by. Out of 7 days we have spent 5 of them at Hays Medical Center. Not how I imagined spending my first week with Miss Lyla, but I guess you got to do what ya got to do. It's hard to believe 1 week ago I was in labor and at 7:06 1 week ago, she was born and I fell fast in love! She's so precious and Sean and I are beyond lucky having this little girl!

We had her weight check today and everything look good. She weighed just about 7 lbs and I'm still allowed to nurse since her weight is looking good. I also no longer have to use a SNS system, which helped Lyla nurse better and gave her more breast milk. So we are now just strictly nursing and a little pumping on the side to build up my stash for when I'm back to work. We go back on Wednesday to check her weight again so please pray for her to gain a few more ounces. They say a baby should gain about an ounce a day so 2-3 ounces would be great!

Also, Miss Lyla got to meet her best friend today. My parents brought Reese back home today when they came to visit. It was quite interesting watching Reese try to figure out what was squirming and making noises in the swing. She still isn't sure about her but she has quit barking and whining at her at the present so that's a plus. Since Reese is such a nervous nelly it'll probably take some time before she's actually calm around the baby. Oh wait, Reese is never calm. Scratch that idea! However, I think eventually she'll be Lyla's best friend. I remember growing up with my dog and I can't wait for Lyla to be able to do that as well!

Here's a few 1 week stats. (ETA)

- Sleeps about 1.5-3 hours at a time.
-Nurses 25-30 minutes about 10-12 times a day and keeps getting better at it.
- Loves to wear big bows on her head.
- Had her first hospital stay for jaundice.
- Weighed 7 lbs at her appt today.
- Had her first trip to Applebees.
- Attended her first wedding.

Really, that's about all I got. Not much else she can do right now! :) Tomorrow we are starting some tummy time so we'll see how that goes.

Here's a 1 week pic of my princess! (She wasn't up for taking a cute picture!!)


  1. Just your number 1 fan coming out (again) to say- WAY TO GO!! You can do it!

  2. And one more thing- you are "allowed" to do whatever you want because she is YOUR baby. You make the decisions! Okay, going to bed now. I just refreshed my google reader and now I'm leaving. Promise. :)


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