August 23, 2009

A quickie...

I'm exhausted and I think one cute little gal is going to be hungry (again) here in a few.

Miss Lyla is doing so much better now! I still think she has a bit of yellow to her so she spent a good portion of the a.m. laying in her bouncer in front of the window "getting a tan". She's definitely not near as yellow as she was before, which is good.

Saturday she had her first real outing. Sean's cousin Tyler married a fabulous lady, Miss Kayla. I wouldn't have missed it for the world (of course, unless I was still in the hospital). It was a beautiful wedding and Kayla looked stunning. And Ty looked great, too! :) We managed to arrive on time and overall had a great experience. Maybe a little stressful planning everything, but remember, I love planning. I had to nurse and pump in my backseat of the Durango which made for an experience, but overall it went well.

Let see, what else. Um... wanna know about nursing? Probably so, because everyone else likes to ask about it. Honestly, it isn't going the best, but it's getting better. She doesn't latch on so I have to use this shield every time. I think my milk just came in today, but honestly I'm not sure. When people tell me stories about their milk supply mine is nothing like that. But since we got a bit of a late start, maybe it'll keep getting better. So in the mean time, I'm a pumping machine. As much as I want to nurse, I've come to terms with the idea it might not be the best thing for me or her and if needed, I'll probably just end up exclusively pumping and breastfeeding here and there. It also depends what the doc has to say tomorrow at the appt. Hopefully she's gaining some of the weight back so I don't need to supplement with formula. I'm hoping, praying and pleading I won't need to do that.

Other than that, all is well. Super tired but so in love, so it's worth it.

Well, I'm off. We have our appt tomorrow and I'll update then!!

P.S. Don't you love the dress?!?! I do! Thanks again, Aunt Kelci!

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  1. It IS the best thing- for you and her. You can do it! Keep trying! Don't give in to the bottle. If you have to use a shield, then so what. Keep your chin up and know that it will be soooo worth it once you get through this difficult time. The beginning is always the hardest and the only solution is to keep trying. She will latch. You can do it! Your milk is sufficient and the best thing for her.


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