August 4, 2009


Many people have opinions. Actually, majority of people have opinions, it's just that not everyone on this planet expresses their opinions. Especially when they aren't needed. Wanna know where this post is going?

My good ol' hubby loves to give his opinion. Recently it's been about how impatient I'm being. Am I being impatient? OF COURSE! I'm about to meet my daughter any day ( or actually it feels like NEVER). Anyone would be impatient. But besides the fact I get to meet her soon, my body is being TORTURED. I can't sleep. My hip hurts. I'm WAY moody (just ask Sean). My back hurts HORRIBLY. Get my drift?

Anyways Sean keeps telling me to be patient every time I mentioned that the baby is never coming. I think he's finally learned it is best for him not to say that anymore!!! But other people have not. Which is why, here shortly, if another person tells me to be patient they may be slapped. Really. Not joking. Try me.

Another thing that is driving me nuts is people telling me how it's going to be with a baby. Really? Do you live my life? No. Therefore these people have no idea what it's going to be like for us. Yes, I understand things will change. But our life is not going to be over just because we are having kids. In our baby's first few weeks of life, she'll be attending 2 weddings, a bridal shower, 2 trips to the lake, etc. Will we be tired? Yes. Will it take more planning? Of course. Is our social life over? NO!

Ok. End of rant. Thanks for listening.

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