August 9, 2009

1 day

Yup, only one day left til my due date. Man, I'm so stinkn' ready. This wait is driving me CRAZY! My appt is tomorrow, so maybe I'll get some good news. Or not.

This weekend has flown by, but we had so much fun! I love herzogfest. I've said that before, haven't I! :) I got my German food, twice, 3 snow cones, gator tators twice, a cheeseburger and fresh-squeezed lemonade. I'm kinda afraid for my weight check tomorrow. Oh well, it was sooo worth it. It's a lot different to attend herzogfest sober vs. a tad bit wasted. We mostly just walked around and kept running into people. I think I was asked when the baby was due about 20 times, no joke. And most people were shocked to hear 3 or 2 days. I was hoping with all the walking we did, she'd pop out. But no such luck. Saturday wasn't as fun, but it normally isn't. It's much more calm and we ended up going home just before 10 and watched the fireworks from our porch. Poor Miss Reese hid in the bathroom again. Then we headed over to our next door neighbors to chat for a bit and then came home. For the record, I managed to stay awake until 12 both nights. Without a nap. That hasn't happened in a while! :)

No big plans today. Sean is off golfing in Russell with a friend and I'll be cleaning, doing laundry, and computer stuff. Heck, maybe I'll pack my bag today in hopes for good news tomorrow.

Or not.
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