August 12, 2009


A couple of months ago, I put an ad on Nex-tech looking for someone that does embroidery. I love embroidery and wanted to embroider a bunch of baby things. A few onesies, a hat, ribbon for pacifier clips, and a pillow for the baby's room. I got a few inquiries and picked a lady out of Odin named Michele from One of a kind creations. She had experience and had done a lot of crafts. I was super excited.... but now I'm not so much.

I sent those things almost a month ago and have yet to receive contact from her regarding my items. And stupidly, one day I was cleaning out my inbox and deleted an e-mail from her so I've lost her e-mail addy, which was our only form of contact. So I remembered she had a website and was able to bring it up and contacted her through there. Well, that was a week ago and I've yet to hear anything back. She was really good with communication as I normally got an e-mail back from her that same day or the day after. So I tried looking for her website again and now I'm not able to bring it up. I did a history search of all the websites I've been too and I can't find it there either. I'm really, really hoping I haven't been played for a fool. I've googled for her website over and over (I know it's ooak something) and haven't come up with anything. I even remember a few of the things she sold and googled those too, and not a thing is coming up. One thing did come up but the URL couldn't be found.

I'm not to happy. So if you know someone named Michele from Odin, KS that does embroidery and has a craft business, tell her I'm looking for her.

GRRR baby.
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