August 25, 2009

Tummy time

So today I decided we'd start working on tummy time! I was hoping to do it this morning but I was exhausted and Lyla was sleeping. If baby girl sleeps, so does this momma. In the future I'm hoping to do it in the mornings since she's the most awake.

Nothing else too exciting around here. We did a lot of relaxing and snuggling. I did manage to vacuum, fold clothes, pet roll the furniture, brush Miss Reese and nurse a million times. Sean even made the comment that the house looked nice, so that's a plus he noticed. He also asked if I loved staying at home and my answer... YES! I love this and I'm totally in my element. Unfortunately we have bills to pay and right now can't afford to stay home. But hopefully in the future and at the latest, by the time we have another baby.

Well here's a pic of tummy time. I thought I got a really cute video but for some reason my camera is acting dumb. She wasn't a big fan of it and kept rolling off the mini boppy pad. So cute!! Hopefully I'll get a video of it tomorrow. Until then, just pictures.

Also, I want to make a slide show with music of Lyla's birth and visitors, etc. I don't want to use power point, so what other options are out there. I haven't googled it yet, but I thought I'd see if anyone else that reads this has tried it.

We have a doc appt at 9 tomorrow and then a few errands to run. I think, if Lyla is cooperative, we are going to stop by work and say hello to the girls and Matt. I also got to run to Wal-mart and if I'm feeling extra good, I thought about walking around the mall (but without my wallet) since it's so stinkn' hot outside. I am feeling a little weak today, so we'll see how tomorrow goes.

Have a great night!!

Lyla meeting Miss Reese.

Don't you just love those lips?

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