August 24, 2009

What does that spell?

For a very long time I was super excited to have a baby bump. I couldn't wait to be pregnant and show off how adorable I was going to look. Well I had to scratch that idea around 35 weeks whenever I blew up into a beluga whale. I got ginormous! Well that wonderful, ginormous bump left me with what I have now named, "The blob".

It's not pretty and I don't like it one bit. I'm super ready for the "blob" to leave and to be skinny and have a flat stomach again. Hopefully this happens sooner rather than later. I probably deserve the "blob" because, as they say, karma is a bitch. I have a sweet friend Becca that let me pick on her post-pregnancy stomach (I won't refer to it as a blob for her. She might not appreciate that! Love you Bec!). Well my time has come and I guess I probably deserve it. Anyways, since I'll never be a polka dot bikini wearer again due to stretch marks, I'd still like to look good in what I wear. No harm in that right?

So here's some stats. I gained 33 lbs and ended up weighing 174. Yes, I know. Wow, that's a lot. As of today I weigh 154. So that's 20 down and 13 to go. Except I want to get back down to what I weighed at my wedding so that would be 120-125 so technically I have 34 lbs to lose. At the least, I'd like to be 130 by the end of 60 days and then hopefully close to 120-125 by my brothers' wedding. I may be day dreaming that this is going to actually happen, but I'm going to try. And I won't be doing anything drastic because I don't want to mess with my milk supply as Miss Lyla is number one right now.

So the mission is to get rid of the blob. I'm thinking of trying The Shred, except instead of doing it in 30 days I'm going to do it in 60. Anyone a fan of it? I think between that, eating right, and breastfeeding I should be able to do it. Oh, and the only reason I'm blogging this is to be accountable for actually doing it. I'm even going to post my weight (gasp, it won't be pretty) and weekly I'll update it. It'll be on my sidebar in case you are interested.

So here is a picture of the "blob" that must go. I suppose for 1 week post-partum it really isn't that bad, but I'm still no fan of it.

You have now been recruited as my cheerleader. Gimme a B, gimme a L, gimme O, gimme a B. What does that spell?!? :)

Also stay tuned. I'll be doing another post. But this time it involves a super cute baby girl that turned 1 week old!! :) My baby is growing up... tear, tear!

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