August 3, 2009


Anyone wanna guess what kinda of progress I made at my appointment today?

I'll give you a clue. It's not a number between 1 and 10.

I'm glad I didn't have my hopes up. I still wanted to cry whenever he told me that. I told him he was not my favorite person that day. So I didn't get any good news except that baby girl is still doing great. I gained 1 pound and I actually forgot to ask what the heartbeat was because I was chit chatting with the nurse. I'd assume around the 13o's. I'm still only measuring at 36 weeks so the doctor had me do a non-stress test. Basically I laid in a chair and was suppose to click a button whenever the baby moved. Well, baby girl is like her mother and just wanted to sleep so we didn't get any good results. They even had me drink pop (yuck) and it didn't help. I haven't had pop in ages! The last time I had pop was with a mixed drink and even that was over a year ago. Oh, and during the NST, I had 2 contractions and didn't even know it. So even though I'm having contractions, my vajayjay is closed up tight and nothing is coming out anytime soon. We have a work pool where everyone guessed what day they thought the baby was going to be born. Today was my day. And I'm losing big time! Grr...

OH, and we did have a "talk" about inducing and it doesn't look favorable for anytime soon because since my cervix seems so happy staying closed and not dilating. An induction would most likely lead to a C-section. So we'll see what happens at my next appointment. Also, he mentioned he would strip my membranes and when he did the internal, he was like, "Um, no stripping for you today. I can't even try." Grrr... him and my cervix are my least favorite people/body parts today. And they probably will be for the next 3 weeks when she NEVER comes.

My mom and dad arrived and we got a lot accomplished. I have much cleaner carpets, a super clean bathroom and a nice and tidy kitchen. Oh and my craft room is much more organized. But I hurt from being on the floor and getting up and down. Mucho thanks to my momma or else it all would have never got finished. I at least feel better about the baby coming home now. Oh, and I implemented a new rule that probably won't last long. No more shoes in the house. That's a big reason for the stains on the carpet in the living room. But like I said, we'll see how long it lasts.

Well Seany and I are off to the lake for some fun. His cousin Sonya is heading out with us to hang out and relax. I'm super excited because this may be the last time we are out there with the boat. Tear.

Peace kids.
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