October 18, 2011

Cohen {2 months}

Happy 2 month birthday, Cohen Finn.

- You weigh between 10-11 pounds I would guess.
- You are out of newborn clothes and wear 0-3 which fit perfect. You also have tiny feet and do not fit in any newborn shoes!
- You just moved into size 1 diapers and also started wearing cloth diapers for the first time.

-You normally go to sleep between 8:30 and 10.
-You sleep 1 good 5-7 hour stretch and then you normally fall back asleep for 2 hours or so.
- You take 2 good naps a day and then cat nap here and there. If you are stimulated to much, you will not nap for more than 20 minutes.

- You love to be swaddled tight when you sleep and will sleep better if you are. You also seem to fuss for a second by rubbing your face into our chests right before you crash!
- You normally nap in your bed and sleep better that way too. I no longer let you nap in your swing unless you haven't slept all day. You could sleep forever in your swing!
- You nurse about every 2 1/2 to 4 1/2 hours. You love to "snack".

- You will finally take a bottle decently. You are not a fan though! You are definitely a boob man!
- You will not take a pacifier!
- Neck strength is getting pretty good.

- Not a huge fan of tummy time and usually fall asleep during it!
- You LOVE baths and love to kick your legs.
- Smiling more and more everyday! You also love to "talk" back to us whenever we talk to you.
- You also found your tongue and stick it out a ton... I like to call you my lizard!

- You've found your hands and like to suck on them!
- You are generally pretty content! Still a serious boy! ;)
- Your big sister loves you to death too! She loves to call you coco buddy and is constantly talking about your or playing with you!

We love you, Co! :)

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