October 12, 2011


Cohen and I took our first shopping trip! The kiddos were getting pretty desperate for new fall clothes and Hays has NOTHING so off to Salina we went. He did sooo good and pretty much slept the entire time. We also got to visit and eat supper with Ty and Kayla! We always get to see them whenever we are in town and love catching up with them. And I'm sure if Cohen could talk, he would say he loved all the time Kayla loved on him! ;) Even Ty got in on the action and held him!

I get freaked out every time we go to the food court of the mall and see these fish. I'm not a fan of fish and hate aquariums. But on Lyla's first shopping trip, it was to Salina as well and we took a picture of her and my mom and I in front of this. So I had to do the same... minus my mom and I in the picture! ;)

Overall, the shopping trip was a success. The kiddos have a few outfits until my mom and I have our annual shopping trip in Wichita. We banked at Old Navy as they were having a 75% off sale off a few things! I will say, Target disappointed me! ;(

Also, we started bathing the babes together. Lyla loves to take baths with him and whenever we tell her its bath time, she says "Coco buddy, too?". Yes, she calls him Coco buddy! Love her!

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