October 3, 2011

Play date and fall

This morning I hosted a library play date for my Mom's club. I love all things cute, so I found these on pinterest and just had to make them for the kiddos. Ghost s'mores... the picture is bad but they are cute! And I love me some peeps!

I was trying to get a picture of them together before we left and this is what I got. Lyla throwing a fit... thanks Ly.
This afternoon we spent some time outside since it is beautiful!!!

She is a hot mess... what a hair do!

I think I've lost my battle with Sean... looks like I'm going to have a basketball player and not my cheerleader. Though, maybe technically I haven't lost since she loves to cheer while she's playing! ;)
I'll love her to pieces whether she's kicking butt in sports or getting all dolled up!
Also, Mr. Cohen has some exciting news!

I plan to use the chalkboard to document his 1st's. Though I don't really like how this one turned out. To many words or something... I'll have to think of something different for next time.

And this is blurry, but it's part of his smile... sometimes he smiles like this or we get tiny little grins. Either way, super cute.
This is the look we get a lot, my serious boy! ;)
Yes, he is finally smiling! And he makes us work hard for it! I've tried so hard to get it on camera and I haven't gotten a good one, except for this one off my phone!

Love my sweet girl!My babes!
And this video I got... please ignore the baby talk/voice. And don't mind the fact I'm ignoring Lyla the whole time. I promise I don't... most of the time! ;) Ha!

Yay for a great day! ;) Love my sweet family!

And for a memory, I told Lyla that she was going to see her mimi, Abi and Avery tomorrow and she threw a HUGE fit because she wanted to see them right now. So we called Abi to talk to her, and the minute she heard Abi's voice, she broke out in a huge smile. I know that made her day! So thanks for making Lyla happy again, Abi! ;)
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