October 7, 2011

KU game 2011

Sept 3rd, we took the kiddos to the first KU game of the year... and get this. We won! ;) This was Cohen's first game and Lyla's 2nd game! Cohen was only 2 weeks old!! Overall, it went pretty well! It did rain for a little bit, but not long enough to really be bothersome. Lyla was in rare form a few times from no nap, but she didn't pretty good. Sean was a bit stressed at times but we both agreed that seeing Lyla's face light up during the game, made everything worth it. I really wish the KU would have a check spot of some sort that we could check our bags/stroller. We walked... ALOT and a stroller would have been so helpful. We also sat in the family zone for the first time and the seats really weren't all that bad.

The pictures are all out of order...

Cohen rocking his KU shirt!

First KU family photo!

This is where Cohen hung out most of the time!

Our little cheerleader!!

Love him!

My babes! ;)
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