October 27, 2011

Mr. Cohen & Lyla

Mr. Cohen is getting SO big!!! Yesterday I had him doing some tummy time with the boppy... left the room for a few minutes...

and came back to this! He's got some strong little legs!

That same night, while I was cooking supper, the chunklet fell asleep watching me! :)

And some of the smiles we get out of him! :) Love him!

While we were gone for the weekend, Cohen slept 7 hours one night and 8 the next. Then the night we got him back he slept 9!!! But of course, all good things must come to an end and the little stinker was up about every hour or so the next night and almost the same last night! And now he doesn't want to be much of a napper either! NOT fun for this momma! I'm guessing he's going through a little growth spurt right now! We have his 2 month appointment Monday and I'm excited to see how much my little oinker weighs because he's been eating a ton! He's almost to long for most of his 0-3 month sleepers too! He is growing WAY to fast for me!

Lyla is still being a great big sister. She'll shush him when he's crying or loves to hug and hold him. She also wants to kiss him about a million times a day. Her vocabulary is taking off by leaps and bounds and is talking non-stop. Some of the things she says just makes me laugh especially while she is learning to form sentences. We hear a lot of you play me you now please. She started getting up anywhere between 3-5 in the am and now comes to our room to sleep. In our old house, all we could fit upstairs was a full size bed. So 3 people, sometimes 4, is just not fun sleeping quarters! Especially with Cohen not sleeping good. Or she'll wake up at 5 and come into our room and say, "Party". Um no, sweet girl. I'm to old and tired to party at 5 am any more! :) But the plus side of her sleeping in bed with us is that most of the time she'll stay asleep until 8! That makes me happy!

Basically, my babes are growing up and it is making me sad! :) Lyla is at such a fun age though, that I love it! And Cohen is out of that newborn baby stage finally and he's so much more enjoyable with his smiles and coo's!!!
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