October 25, 2011

KU weekend!

This past weekend, we had a little cousin weekend and headed to the KU/Kstate game. We were equally divided - 3 & 3! Of course, KState spanked KU, but we still had a great time. It was super hard to leave my babies - especially Cohen for the first time. But I'm glad we got away - I needed it!

We started tailgating around 7:30 - first one in the lot that we were at! Sonya made breakfast burritos that were delicious and we also had some jalapeno roll-ups and mimosa's!

Sonya & Ryan

Sean and I

Ty and Kayla

This picture would be when we were starting to feel our drinks! ;) I love Sonya! :) We played some football and washers and continued drinking!

Our group plus Sean's other cousin Jared!

Aren't we adorable?! :) Though, Sonya would look so much better in red and blue!

It has been a LONG time since this momma has drank and it didn't take much! I drank sweet tea vodka and lemonade and it is by far, my favorite drink! So good!

We tailgated for about 3 hours and lets just say that was enough for Kayla and I to not remember most of the game! ;) The sweet tea vodka really got to us. We pretty much walked together to the game telling people to get mammograms. Why? I don't really know. We are entirely so cool!
Also as we walked to the game, we were stepping off of the sidewalk, which Sean was helping us do, and we both managed to fall. And we fell just right, that I managed to roll my ankle. Again, so cool! ;) Sean just loves drunk Andrea. Good thing it doesn't happen very often.

Us at the game. Honestly, I don't remember much of it. I actually didn't even know that we even scored a touchdown.

Are they cute or what? They need to make a baby stat.

And we are pretty cute too. Except we do not need to make a baby stat. :)

Funny story. Miss Kayla likes to run her mouth just a wee bit when she drinks and somehow (I don't really remember) she started yelling at this guy and Mr. Tyler saved the day. Apparently I felt that a picture needed to be taken. Again, don't really remember but it was on the camera!! :)

After the game, we were all a bit hungry and devoured Kayla's awesome cheese ball! Then we headed down to Mass St and did some shopping and ate at Mad Greek while the boys headed to Buffalo Wild Wings for more beer! I think we were all a bit hungover because as soon as we got back to our hotel room we passed out for a bit. Kayla wasn't feeling the best and stayed at the room while the rest of us headed to KiKu's for some hibachi food! :) Yum! Us girls then decided to sleep while the boys headed to the hotel bar for a for drinks! :) We originally planned on going out that night, but sleep sounded so much better! Oh how times have changed!

It was SUCH a fun weekend and I can't wait until we can all get together again!
And it was so GREAT seeing my babes again too!!
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