October 6, 2011

Aren't they cuties?

I just love them... they completely melt my heart. I've always heard people talk about the love for their children being like none other and I agree. Completely and honestly true.

My heart swells with love for these 2 babies. The other day Lyla did something that just put a big smile on my face and made my heart happy. I just love being a mom.

(How cute is this guy... he woke up full of smiles but of course, as soon as the camera is out, they go away!! And hello, adorable-ness with the plaid shorts. Eek!)

I am beyond blessed! ;)

Today was a good day! We got suited up and headed to Hays for my moms group meeting and then did some shopping at Wal-mart. Then we went and met Sean for lunch! ;) Love that man!
Unfortunately though, our shower broke for some odd reason, so we've/Sean have been trying to fix it with no luck. Mr. Plumber....where are you?
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