October 22, 2011

Cohen's Birth Story

I never wrote down my birth story with Lyla, and I loved (yes, really) my experience this time and I don't want to forget it.

I was scheduled for an induction on Thursday August 18th. Mimi (Sean's mom) arrived around 5:15 and we packed the durango and kissed Miss Lyla goodbye. We also took a few last bump pictures and we were on our way. We arrived around 6 a.m. and they got me to the room right away. They started all the basic, standard things and asked a bunch of questions. They put in my IV and actually got it on the first time. Originally, I had planned on just having a hep-lock (an IV that isn't hooked up to anything) but since I was an induction I had to be hooked to fluids and then also the pitocin to start my contractions. They checked me at this point and I was still at a 4, which I had been since my last doctor appointment. The contractions started right away but were not to strong or painful and I was comfortable between and during them. Avry, my doula, arrived around 8 and things were still going well. Once she arrived, I moved off the bed and sat on the ball for a while while Avry massaged my back. Normally, when on pitocin you are not allowed to walk around and need to be hooked up to the monitors at all times. Well my nurse was super and while I was up once to pee, she let me walk around the ward once. Around 10:30 the contractions were still there but were not super strong nor very painful. Dr. Lloyd came by and checked me and I was still a 4 and so he went and broke my water. The fluid was clear and Cohen's head was engaged so I was able to get back up. I sat again on the ball for a bit and with the first contraction I could definitely tell they were stronger to where I actually had to breathe through them. A little later I moved to the bed and leaned over the top of the bed on my knees for a bit. At this time I was having horrible back pain with the contractions as Cohen was sunny side up and causing me to hurt! Avry had to push hard on the small of my back during my contractions. Not long after that, the contractions got even more intense to where I began to moan to get through them! Sean was great at keeping me calm and helped with breathing during the contractions. I then moved to standing and leaning over the bed, while swaying my hips. This felt the best and it wasn't long before I started having bloody show and the pressure to push. My nurse, Ann, checked me and I was a nine at that point. I remember saying at this point that if I hadn't progressed, then I was so getting an epidural! I got back to standing and it was just a few minutes before my body began to naturally cause me to push. I got back into the bed, was checked and I was a 10. At this point, Sean turned on the video camera and from now til the time Cohen was born, it was less than 3 minutes! I could literally feel Cohen coming through my birth canal and it HURT. At that point I remember saying, "I'm done" and that I wasn't going to do this anymore. Of course, I didn't have that option and after I got over the intense pain and pressure I pushed. 1 push and his head was head and another and he was out at 12:57 p.m. I did have to have a 2nd degree episiotomy. Cohen came over very purple and bruised, but he was here and healthy! His apgars were 8 and 9. Sean also got to cut the cord.

I then had to be stitched up and deliver the placenta, which I asked to look at. I know, weird. But I had never seen one, besides a horse's placenta. I was shaking uncontrollably while all of this was going on. Cohen was then brought to me where were did some chest to chest. After I was all stitched up, I got to nurse him which he did just great with.

Part of my birth plan for Cohen was to delay the eye ointment and Vit K shot for 1 hour and to do so while he was nursing. The nurses were great about following my birth plan and you have no idea how happy I was that I was able to have him naturally! I remember at one point, right before I was checked and I was at a 9, thinking that I wasn't going to be able to do this. I had starting crying but Sean and Avry were great at getting me focused again and in control. I will say that if I had not had Avry with me, I wouldn't have been able to do it! She was amazing! Sean was amazing as well and did so great coaching me through the pain, but Avry's knowledge of birth and her suggestions and soft words were what got me through it. She suggested different positions, massaged my back, kept me calm and focused. If you are considering using a doula or want more information, I definitely recommend contacting Avry! You can also go to her website here or her facebook page here.

Overall, I would choose to go the natural route again versus the epidural! I felt amazing after Cohen's birth and was up and dressed within 2 hours of having him. I got to see him have his bath and was even taking pictures. I was also much more aware of the birth this time. I'm just so proud of myself that I was able to achieve this as I'm a baby when it comes to pain. And before I had him, I remember thinking, there is no way I'm going to be able to do this! Luckily it was a short labor which made getting through it easier. It was definitely intense, but well worth it!
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