October 8, 2011

Girls Night & Friends

Friday, I went out and had a girls night with some friends! We headed to Jalisco's for margarita's and oh.my. have I missed those! We then went down to a bar called Toby Jugs... and I felt utterly old there. I haven't been there for about 6 years. It was Octoberfest weekend so there were drunk people galore! And get this... I stayed out to about 12:30. Whooo hooo! That's pretty good for me! I haven't had a girls night for a while, so it was great to get out. But I missed my little family at home... and also going to bed at 9:30! I'm a tired cookie this morning since I didn't get to bed until after 1:30 which is WAY late for me. And way late when I had a baby get up about 2 hours later.

Lyla and I before I left... she didn't want her momma to leave!

Today has been a rainy day! I was supposed to have 2 sessions, but they rescheduled so we had a family day! We went into Hays for lunch at Applebee's and then went to the mall for a bit! I even found my dress for our family pictures. It's ADORABLE!

After we got home, our friends Matt and Sara came by to meet Cohen! A good, rainy Saturday! ;)
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