October 19, 2011

The pumpkin patch!

On Sunday we headed to the pumpkin patch for a family day! Mimi got to enjoy it with us and we had a beautiful day to go! But boy, it was busy! ;) We never made it there last year, so I'm glad we were able to go this year. I even made Lyla's ghost shirt in like 5.2 seconds because I totally forgot.
Our family! :)

Her ghost shirt! So cute!

Daddy and Ly

We rode the little train and I thought Lyla would LOVE it because she loves trains right now. Well she threw a fit getting on it but by the end she was good and enjoyed it! She's in a super scared mode right now with things.

Me and my girl!

Mimi and her kiddos.

Isn't she sweet?!

Then we went and played with daddy for a bit!

Then she loved on Cohen for a bit!
(Not so sure he enjoyed it!)

Then it was pumpkin picking time!

A pumpkin for Cohen!

Our pumpkin!!

And lastly, Cohen got to lay in a crate of pumpkins! We did the same with Lyla and neither liked it so much! ;)

I'm looking forward to carving and painting our pumpkins! Also eating pumpkin seeds! Yummo!
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